Peachtree Parkway Improvement District


The PPID has completed the following:

  • Peachtree Parkway Improvement District (PPID) incorporated and received its 501c3 (non profit) status from the IRS.
  • PPID held meetings with local residents, hoa representatives and elected officials to gather input on the community’s vision for the parkway.
  • Intergovernmental agreements have been signed between Forsyth County and Georgia Department of Transportation and between Forsyth County and the PPID transferring responsibility for the maintenance, mowing and refuse cleanup of the medians and right of way for the 7 mile strip along Hwy 141 to the PPID.
  • GDOT gives their annual budgeted allotment of $17,500 for Hwy 141 in Forsyth County to the PPID.
  • The PPID awarded a maintenance contract to 4 Seasons Landscaping Group, LLC. 
  • GDOT has mowed twice a year along the medians and right-of-ways.  PPID mowed 8 times last year and picks up trash year round.
  • The first landscaped median has been installed in front of Big Creek Elementary. More changes are coming soon.
Long Term Plan:
  • At a minimum, remove the “grass” that is there now and replace it with higher quality drought resistant grass like Bermuda.
  • Fully landscape the medians with a mix of plants such as crepe myrtles, shrubs and mulch as approved by GDOT guidelines.
  • Encourage and solicit property owners to step up and take over the responsibility of their areas along Hwy 141.
  • Solicit business owners and residents to Adopt-A-Median or Adopt-A-Tree and/or assist in ongoing maintenance costs for Peachtree Parkway.
  • Continue to research and apply for grants to supplement the costs associated with the PPID.

The PPID is grateful for the donations we have received from private businesses and HOAs towards the maintenance of the parkway. To achieve the goals listed above we must have the assistance of businesses, HOAs, and residents along the corridor.

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