AKA – Forsyth County Improvement Association


Our Mission

Our organization believes that creating an aesthetically pleasing thoroughfare will help to brand our area as a community that cares and attract high quality businesses and residential developments that add value to Forsyth County.

Why are we doing this?

Peachtree Parkway is the entrance to Forsyth County from both Johns Creek and GA 400 at Exit 13. 

The appearance of the parkway as you enter our county sets the tone of what is to come.  

  • Cleanup and improve the appearance of the medians and the right of way along the sides.
  • Create a Domino Effect. As the area is improved we believe existing businesses and property owners will step up, have pride and take ownership of their area.
  • Attract better quality businesses that will prosper and give back to our community.
  • Increase home values in the area.
  • Create a feeling of community pride and identity.
  • Encourage residents to stay and spend their tax dollars here Forsyth County ultimately benefiting our roads, schools and community all the more.
What has been done already?

So much progress has already been made. See the RESULTS page for an update on what has been accomplished.


Peachtree Parkway Improvement District encompasses a 7 mile stretch of Hwy 141 from Ga 400 Exit 13 to Deer Lake Drive just north of McGinnis Ferry Rd. Click on the map to the right for an aerial view of the area.